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York, July 2nd 2005

Following a fantastic night at the July Friday Flock, it was off to York to see the siperb Zeitgeist Zero, supported by synthpop artists NewVogue, from Sheffield, performing at the 4th aniversary bash at the Body Electric, York's longest running clubnight. We got there at 9pm to find the heat stifling and the venue, Certificate 18 on Gillygate, also home to Darklands, seemingly empty - though this turned out to be because many of the regulars had taken the sensible step of retiring to the beer garden to cool off!

NewVogue took to the stage at 9:30, with a suitably uber-pretentious frontman in velvet jacket and blue light cyber eye-patch standing with his back to the audience, flanked by the twin keyboard players. Later on this trio were joined by a small robot, though unfortunately he wasn't miked up.

It took me a while to get into NewVogue, while I liked the synth playing right from the start the singer's voice seemed a bit at odds with the music, in places he sounded more punk than synthpop. However as the tracks ran past I found some of them strangely adictive, and having got hold of a copy of their "Manifesto" CD, I'll definetly be playing a track or two down the Phono in future. If you like synthpop, these guys are well worth a listen.

There was a brief pause between bands, during which DJ Simon-A tried to dance me to death by playing Inkubus Sukkubus' "Away With The Faeries" back-to-back with the Screaming Banshee Aircrew's "L*st in Space", and then it was time for Zeitgeist Zero's first ever headline appearance.

A few minor glitches showed up at the start, quickly resolved, and then the three piece band delivered a very fine performance indeed, mixing well known tracks from their debut album with some interesting new material.

The tempo varied all over the scale, from the doom-laden deathmarch of "Kill Your Idols" to the all-out perkiness of "Bride Of Frankenstein", and of course their truly amazing cover of Iron Maiden's "Powerslave", featuring not only a great guitar solo from Mr Moo, but both pizzicato and bowed violin from Kerry.

The audience loved them, the front rows dancing manicaly inspite of the insane Summer heat, an encore was demanded and delivered, including a spontaneous no-backing-track number in honour of the club's birthday.

All in all, a great night. Only the second time I've been to the Body Electric, as for various reasons Darklands tends to be my regular York event, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definetly be back.




Sheffield Synthpop Rules!


Darklands' DJ Batastrophy


One way to be sure the levels are right...


Zeitgeist Zero's very atmospheric intro


Corrin Moo, Teresa Dead, QS Kerry




Zeitgeist Zero
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