A Year And A Half On

at Certificate 18, York, 14th January 2005

Doesn't seem like it, but it's now a year and a half since Darklands threw open the gates in medieval York (review of opening night here: http://www.revival.stormshadow.com/york/2003-07-05-darklands/), we went back for the first time in a few months last night, and you know what? It's still one hell if a night!

The venue has become somewhat "more gothic", with darker lighting, the back room being mainly lit by the erie red glow of coloured fluorescent tubes below the seats, and the original rather pathetic smoke machine replaced by one that belches forth great clouds of grey darkness across the dance floor.

The music, from resident Jared with a guest DJ this time from Leeds' Black Veil, was superb, an ever changing mixture of solid classics and new material, tonight with a distinctly European feel.

Darklands goes in for theme nights, this time it was "Heroes and Villains", which presumably explained the presence of Adam Ant, The Phantom Of The Opera, several nuns with piercings, a most impressive pointy-hatted witch, and several other outlandish characters. Of course you get to meet real-life heroes at York scene clubs, in the form of various members of the Screaming Banshee Aircrew, one of whom was responsible for the very good Mr Ant impersonation.

They also seem to have finally sorted out the licensing issues which plagued the early events, we left at 12:40 with things still in full swing so presumably the 1am close was actually reached as advertised.

So, is it still worth going to York for Darklands? Most definitely, and we will certainly be back!

Linkage: http://www.darklands.org.uk (opens in new window).

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