The Launch Party

at Certificate 18, York, 5th July 2003

Darklands used to be a well known monthly gothic event in Birkenhead, Mersyside. It's now relocated across the Pennines to the ancient city of York, and now runs monthly at Certificate 18 on Gillygate, not far from the Munster. Saturday July 5th, the night after Black Sheep's "Friday Flock" in Leeds, was the launch night for the relocated event.

In company with Spooky from Leeds, I got to York just after the event opened. After a bit of a wander (and some very dodgy directions from some skateboarders) we found the right street, and totally forgot to photograph the outside of the venue. Doh!

All in all, an excellent night. The music was mostly upbeat and perky, lots of very dancable stuff. A nice touch for me was the inclusion of Hazel O'Conner's "Eighth Day" and Visage's "Fade To Grey", plus earlier on Duran Duran's "Wild Boys". At one point Spooky went up to the booth to request a Scary Bitches track only to have the opening notes of "Lesbian Vampyres" start playing before he actually spoke to the DJ - psychic requests! I got a request in for Belladonna and Aconite, and of course "Lucretia My Reflection" filled the dance floor at one point. I honestly think I'll be back in York occasionally for more of these events!

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- Review by Pyromancer Stormshadow, written at 2am when I just got back. Any errors, omissions or stupidity are mine. I don't claim accuracy, I just claim one hell of a night!