Carnival Of The Souls 2004

Day 2, Destiny & Elite nightclub, Derby, 16th October 2004

Featuring Pro-Jekt, the Scary Bitches, and Lupine

Now that was a day out and a half. First, the venue - a huge state of the art nightclub with a very S&M feel to its decor, which usually earns it's living playing commercial dance, but was today completely taken over by a mix of Goths and Fetishists. The lighting was amazing, with all the various split-level areas picked out in coloured neon. No lasers, so not quite up to the visual standards of long-ago Flicks in Brechin (gods, was that really 20 years ago?), but very impressive nevertheless.

Then there were the people - like Whitby only with more extreme fetish gear on display. It did feel a bit different to a full-on Goth event, especially earlier in the day, but was still open and welcoming.

Lupine: I've seen them before, at the Vampyre ConneXion's masquerade in Rochester last year, bit I'd forgotten how good they are (or they've improved a lot) - they played well to an enthusiastic crowd.

The Scary Bitches: Two weeks ago at the Underworld they played an all- new set, which I think threw a few people who were expecting to recognise at least a few tracks. Since then I've played the album a few times and got to know some of the new material, plus this time they included some of the "Lesbian Vampires" material, and I think they got a better reception, I certainly had a great time. High point had to be the people at the front waltzing to "Blue", including a threesome!

Pro-Jekt: First time I'd heard them live, *very* impressive. Lots of drive, lots of power, and an absolutely stomping performance. I really must get hold of a CD or two.

The DJ sets were interesting too, varying from mostly-EBM through to Bedlam-style industrial in places, with lots of classics in between, especially in the smaller room. Two-stepping to the original version of the Cruxshadows' "Marylin" in the middle of the vast, completely empty dance floor of the main room early in the afternoon, with the smoke machines going but without a central column to fix on, was a weird experience, I think I ended up wandering all over the floor. Fun though!

Overall: Definitely worth going to, though the almost total lack of seating was a bit of a problem. Will hopefully be back next year, this time with spare money to spend. Lots and lots of covet-able items on sale, including stuff you'd usually have to spend ages searching for.

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