The Wendyhouse, 15th January 2005

Following on from Friday at Darklands in York, tonight was Wendyhouse night at Leeds Uni, and a very fine night it was too. The Wendyhouse is sometimes criticised for having predictable playlists and sticking almost absolutely to well known classic tracks - it's not the place to go if you want cutting edge stuff, or new and upcoming bands, or even well known niche ones - but it's also solidly aimed at being a place to "party darkly", with the emphasis on fun rather than scene development, and what it sets out to do it does superbly.

They also play a wide range of styles, the main room mainly focusing on classic Goth, 80s pop, cheese, and a touch of classic metal thrown in for good measure, and lets face it, where else can you stand on a stage in a room full of Goths and headbang and air-guitar like a complete nutter to Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name", or Europe's classic (and IIRC only) super-hit, "The Final Countdown"? Not to mention a range of other tracks that included the Sisters, the Levellers, Madonna, The Cult, Apop, etc, etc.

While plenty of bouncy stuff is played in the main room, hardcore glow-stick devotees are catered for in the smaller room upstairs with a non-stop diet of Industrial and EBM, with a rather nice red laser display finishing things off in the visual department.

Being a university venue the bar is cheap, and also very well staffed, even with a queue three deep all along its full 60' plus length you still get served in a matter of minutes, and while the coke tasted truly as foul as only draft coke in a nightclub can, everything else seemed to be in good order.

Three deep at the bar? Yes indeed, with the 1000 capacity venue packed to the rafters, mostly with fully gothed up people, it's almost like a mini-Whitby Spa disco, and the definitive place to see and be seen on the Northern scene.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable party night out!

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