Oktober Productions Presents: The Northern Industrial Underground

Action Directe

Libitina, Little Match Girl, Zeitgeist Zero

at The Josephs Well, Leeds, 25th July 2003

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The Time Before

Zeitgeist Zero

Luminaries of Darkness...

Little Match Girl

If Zeitgeist Zero had been impressive, Little Match Girl were truly stunning! Never a band to underestimate, they have improved their live set beyond all recognition since their return to performance at the April 2002 Whitby Gothic Weekend. Then they showed promise, but now they are delivering, firing at full power on all cylinders and with the kind of impact you'd usually associate with an artillery barrage!

The LMG Setlist:
Intro / Victim
Space Witch
My Queen
Black Days
Burn Me Up
On That Road

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Action Directe

All in all, an interesting night. Both Little Match Girl and Zeitgeist Zero delivered seriously impressive performances, definetly bands to watch.

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