Cauda Pavonis + Pro-Jekt

Carpe Noctum, Bradford, 11th December 2004

It's always good when your last live gig of the year is a good one, and Saturday night in Bradford with Cauda Pavonis and Pro-Jekt was a *very* good one!

I'd seen both bands before, Pro-Jekt at Carnival of the Souls in Derby, and Cauda Pavonis on three previous occasions including one gig on their home turf in Bristol, plus one on my home turf at Black Sheep.

Pro-Jekt started strongly and carried on as they'd begun, lots of low down grunt and driving beats carrying a solidly industrial yet very tuneful set. The result was engaging and entertaining and they pulled the audience along with them. They also played a completely insane cover of ABBA's "SOS" - I must have a recording of this song! Not much recorded material is available yet but an album is slated for release early next year, if their live set is anything to go by this will definitely be worth getting hold of.

Then, after a brief pause, Cauda Pavonis took to the stage and turned in a fantastic performance, including many classic tracks from both "Pistols At Dawn" and "Sigil", and also the brilliant new track "Morrigan", first debuted I believe at Black Sheep a few months back. If this track is any guide their next album will be well up to the standards of the last one, a definite must for the collection.

They've grown a rather good female bass player since their last gig, and despite some nervousness before the gig, she played with style and accomplishment, and definitely added something significant to the band's sound.

After a well received main set the band were summoned back for an encore of "Love Like Broken Glass", which as Su pointed out is still available for the insanely cheap price of 2 quid on the Carpe Noctum New Blood Vol 1 CD available from the venue. The encore ended in chaos as the stage monitors cut out leaving Su singing by memory, followed by the backing track randomly skipping backwards and repeating the solo, even so they still managed a grandiose finish, thoroughly well done.

And then just as I was collapsing back into my seat for a rest Howard decided to start the DJ set with Inkubus Sukkubus' great pagan hymn "Io Pan", necessitating a further six minutes of breathless dancing. Grrrr! :-)

Guest DJ honours fell to Joel from Action Directe who proceeded to play a very interesting set with lots of slam and drive, meanwhile both Pro Jekt (in the club's ancient mill's stairwell) and Cauda Pavonis (among the dim-lit cobbles of grim Albion Street) posed for extra pictures.

So, all in all a thoroughly good night. It's Goth Up North!

Cauda Pavonis
It's Goth Up North!

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