Black Sheep, 16th January 2005


Ok, this was the third night out in a row after Darklands and The Wendyhouse, so things were getting silly and I was getting knackered at the same time, but even so it was still an excellent night. The early emphasis was definitely on the trad side of things, with guest DJ Tracey, formerly of Black Out in Harrogate, piling in a solid set of mostly goth rock classics, yet managing not to repeat anything played on Saturday at the Wendyhouse bar the Sisters "More" - and even that was a different version.

Tracey finished with The Damned's "Eloise" followed by Inkubus Sukkubus's "Vampire Erotica", both of which of course had to be danced to, only for Paul to come back with my request from the previous week for Apop's "End Of The World" - cue a further five minutes of insane bouncing followed by staggering off the floor in a state of total collapse... :-)

The second half started with bouncy EBM and then, with Ultraviolence's "Hardcore Motherflocker" getting it's first play of 2005, morphed into serious industrial territory, NIN and Suicide Commando following each other at one point. There was a fair smattering of tracks from new bands too, LMG and the SBA both getting folk onto the floor, while the final track was The Ghost Of Lemora's superb "Brides Of The Atom". Is it just me or is anyone else *really* getting into the GoL's guitar work of late?

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So, three nights, three very different clubs, one damn fine weekend!

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