Flocking Hell!

Ok, enough with the dodgy sheep jokes, but that was the best night of the year so far, and then some.

It's hard to pin down exactly what made it such a great night, there was the usual vast range of music, everything from Duran Duran to The Cruxshadows by way of Rob Zombie, Inkubus Sukkubus, Ultraviolence, The Mission, The Sisters, VNV, The Ghost Of Lemora, Apop, and Killing Miranda... But it was more than that, it was the crowd and the atmosphere, to borrow a term from the Jazz scene, the old club was jumpin!

Official close was 2am, at twenty minutes past the dance floor was still packed and when there was a brief pause between tracks everyone turned to the DJ booth and yelled for more, I've never seen that in a club before. We got it too, Stand And Deliver got just about everyone back on the floor, as did the following tracks, and when a halt was finally called with the clock heading towards 3am, the last track played was a very bizarre reggae version of "Temple Of Love"!

All in all, a truly fantastic night. The venue was packed, but we could still have got a few more in, so if anyone who missed that one wants to join the Flock, be at Bar Phono, Frist Friday, every month.

Be there or be sheepish!

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NP: The Cruxshadows - Dragonfly.

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