Black Sheep Live!

Little Match Girl + Zeitgeist Zero

The Bassment, Sunday 28th September 2003

Late September, a week past the Autumn Equinox, and Black Sheep On Tour returned to the Baa-ssment for an extra special gig featuring two bands who's memebers are all regulars at the Phono, Little Match Girl and Zeitgeist Zero. The result was one of the most electrifying performances of the year, with both bands making a serious impression on everyone present.

As I've said before, it flocking well flocked!

Zeitgeist Zero

Set List:

Zeitgeist Zero, Decay..., Tombstone Tourist, Kill Your Idols, Pins & Needles, Dark Lullaby, Powerslave, Outside, Bride Of Frankenstein.

Zeitgeist Zero release their first full album in Spring of 2004, meanwhile there are still a few copies of their debut EP, "Coping Mechanism", featuring three of the tracks from tonight's gig, available, email them (web link below) for the ordering details. And remember to download their now-legendary darkwave cover of Iron Maiden's classic "Powerslave" as an MP3 while you're there!

Interlude in Darkness...

Little Match Girl !!!

Set List:

Black Days, My Queen, Satisfaction, Bullet, Wish, Devil In Disguise, On That Road, Burn Me Up, Victim

What a performance! LMG had impressed back in July at the Josephs Well, but that was a pale shaddow of the sledgehammer performance we were treated to tonight, flat out, full on, and as other reviewers have commented, with an attitude that might just rip your throat out!

Vivian sang like a fallen angel, while George played like a true master. This was only the band's second gig in their current line up, yet other than a broken guitar string early on, quickly recovered from, they didn't put a foot wrong and turned in the kind of professional show that could put many larger bands to shame. They truly are on their way to stardom. Buy the album, (link to band's website below) there is much more great music to follow where that came from!

Yet another young whipper-snapper! :twisted:

When they finished the last track, the classic "Victim", the audience was yelling for more, a longer set will definetly be required next time!


Skippy's somewhat spooky message... ...and Linzi still looking for the bar...
I should at this point mention that several of the nice and clear LMG pics above were actually taken by Linzi while I danced like a maniac to Burn Me Up. Many thanks and a large hug!

Familiar faces? Yes, it's those strange Screaming Banshee folk from York again - and even they were very impressed by both bands. Meanwhile, MD and Pyromancer try not to get eaten by the large green spider-thing. How on earth did that get in here?

The infamous Myz Lillith of fame, and Pete.

And so it ended. Ta to Paul and all at Black Sheep for yet another bloody good night out!

Finally, Songs of Praise. You'll have to have seen Phono Paul's completelty bonkers advertising for the gig to get this one!

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