Thank Flock It's Friday!

The Friday Flock Special

Baaa Phono, Friday 4th July 2003

A couple of weeks into June 2003, Phono Paul was asked at very short notice to organise a Black Sheep event at the Phono for Friday the 4th of July, based on the success of the various Black Sheep Bank Holiday Specials earlier in the year. Given the short notice, and complete lack of experince of ever running the goth event on a Friday, no-one had the faintest idea how things would work out, what followed was three weeks of frenetic flyering of every venue in Leeds and beyond, advertising what was to become "Friday Flock".

In the event, Friday Flock turned out to be the most successfull Black Sheep ever, with the club packed to only just below capacity - at times the column in the middle of the dance floor entirely vanished behind a sea of bodies. The pictures below attempt to capture something of the atmosphere of what really was a superb event.

It Flocking Well Flocked!

And so it ended. Ta to Paul and all at Black Sheep for yet another bloody good night out!

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