The Josephs Well, Leeds - how to find it

The Josephs Well, Leeds, is a fairly well known combined pub and live music venue, which has hosted everything from major acts like Inkubus Sukkubus, Killing Miranda, and the Screaming Banshee Aircrew, through up and coming local talent, Little Match Girl, Zeitgeist Zero, Action Directe, all the way down to complete unknowns like the very very good Near Meth Experience.

The venue does however have a reputation of being damned hard to find if you don't know Leeds city centre well. As it's now the venue for the rather spectacular first of the revived, back-from-the-undead, second wave of Black Sheep Live gigs, I've created this page to try and help non-Leeds people find the venue. Note that the directions given here are probably not the most direct, rather they have been designed to be easy to follow for someone coming in from beyond the city.

On Foot

The Josephs Well is actually easier to find on foot than it is by car, as you can make use of pedestrian-only routes.

By Car

Driving to the Josephs Well itself can be more than a little confusing, so unless you really need to take a vehicle to the front door itself (i.e. you're either in a band or a wheelchair), it's usually easier to park somewhere convenient in the city centre and walk to the actual venue. map with the arrow on the Josephs Well itself

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