The Way Of ALL Flesh

The Way Of All Flesh, or TWOAF as they are usually referred to, are a band out of the SheffGoth scene in Sheffield. And rather good they are too!

Their demo has four tracks, starting with the rather bouncy 'Final Resolve', which is great fun, up-beat and perky. This is followed by the very atmospheic intro to 'Andromeda', which gently sweeps you in before slamming into high gear for the main section. I like this one!

The third track, 'So Cold', starts sounding very trad, restrained backing under the vocal, developing an guitar-driven edge after the first minute or two, and gaining in intensity as it goes. By the start of the second verse there is a lot of development going, and the guitar has become a clear voice of its own. An impressive piece of work that deserves a wide audience. Expect to hear this in the clubs, methinks.

According to the label the demo should have only three tracks, but my copy had rather a nice bonus fourth track, I'll say no more now other than it's a damn fine cover, those wanting to learn more are cordially invited to Black Sheep on Sunday 19th June, when I'll be on the decks and playing this track!

- Pyromancer, Leeds, June 13th, 2005.

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