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The Gothic Revival - The Yorkshire Goth Scene - 2003 and ever onwards!

Baa! - Black Sheep - Every Sunday at Santiago's!

Picture of Pyromancer

Pyromancer, photographed by Princess Linzi at the 'Black Sheep On Tour' Screaming Banshee Aircrew gig, The Bassment, Leeds, 2003

Welcome to the Northern Scene!

What is the Northern Scene? It's the combination of Goth scene gigs and clubs spread across the Northern English cities of Leeds, York, and Bradford, plus surrounding events, which together form the alternative lifeblood of the North. This is where it all began, back in the 1980s, and to this day the Northern Scene continues to thrive.

Who am I? I'm Pyromancer, amongst other things, sometime Northern Scene DJ at Black Sheep. There's all manner of waffle about me in a box somehwere further down the page for the terminally curious.

I have seen the future, and it's GOTH! - an interesting thread on the Sheepish forum sparked off by a Guardian article and including links to many other mainstream media articles on the Gothic Subculture.

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About me

Who am I? My name is Jack, aka Pyromancer, pagan, asexual, and under the spell of the Darkside. (Compulsory Disclaimer: I am not a Goth, honest!) And yes, I am a pretentious git! As well as gothic music, I love Victorian and medieval architecture, subterranean places, and people who dare to be a little bit different. More general info on me is avaliable at Describe Yourself To The Netscrape UPG 2003 edition. Oh yeah, and the dodgy looking bloke in the PVC is me. Don't all run away at once! For me a good night out involves good music, alternative people, dancing like a complete lunatic, and generally having a good time with a bunch of open and friendly folks, which is a pretty good description of a night at Black Sheep!

You want more information?

Asexual: Yes, that's right, I have neither the desire nor the ability to have sex with anyone. I'm not a puritan, religious nut, or "repressing my true feelings", it's just something I never have been, nor ever will be, interested in. I'm not the only one, there's a large and fast growing community for asexual people at AVEN - the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network.

Photographer: I do a lot of gig and club photography, and have sleeve credits on several albums, including all the live photos on Inkubus Sukkubus's "Witch Queen" EP and "Science & Nature" album, and also the Screaming Banshee Aircrew's "Fishnet Messiah".

Pagan: I worship both a God and Goddess, co-equal manifestations of the life force of nature. I don't believe in a heaven or a hell, I believe that when we die, our spiritual selves dissapate into the universal life, only to return scattered as thousands of facets of new lives. I usually relate to the Lord and Lady as Isis and Osiris from the Egyptian pantheon, or as Pan and Hecate from the western tradition. I believe that all gods and goddesses are manifestations of a greater force we can't really comprehend yet.

DJ: The Goth scene has become my spiritual home on many levels, so when the long-running weekly Black Sheep clubnight was abruptly killed off by the owners of the Merrion Centre at Midwinter 2005, I found myself able to give something back by starting up the Sunday Goth Social as a replacement, every Sunday night at The George, opposite the LGI in Leeds. The SGS is very much a co-operative event, the equipment was provided by Coreline while Wil does the bulk of the door work. Musically we follow the original Black Sheep "All Shades Of Goth, Past And Present" forumla, and strive to keep the night as well balanced as possible. Expect to hear a little bit of everything, from All About Eve to Fields Of The Nephilim, from Nightwish to Combichrist, from Inkubus Sukkubus to Apoptygma Berzerk, from The Dead Kennedys to The Mission, from The Screaming Banshee Aircrew to Zeitgeist Zero.

LiveJournal: It's the heat death of the Internet, sooner or later everyone succumbs. You can read my LiveJournal if you really want to.

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